Meet Evinda



Life’s experiences have been my motivation for writing; and yet, as far back as sixth grade, I can remember turning homework into creative writing assignments, for example a report on the digestive system became this story of a character’s journey thoughout the whole body and the discoveries she made along the way. But that was before my childhood got interrupted and all complicated with child sexual and physical abuse, followed by abandonment and disillusionment. Then, as I got older, and life became more difficult to meet on life’s terms, writing took a backseat and surviving took over. Little did I know that the more I “survived,” the more junk I carried in my trunk of unresolved issues. Thankfully, divine sovereignty caused me to run right into myself – that’s a funny picture if you think about it – and I stopped “just surviving” and I chose to examine the buried and unresolved issues in my life. Piece by piece, I began the unpacking process. I am happy to say most of my bags are unpacked; the process is ongoing but HE who began a good work will be faithful to complete it until the time of Christ!It’s good to be a WIP, His work in progress and my heart’s desire is to encourage others in their process.
After a season of singleness that lasted nearly 12 years, God brought a wonderful man into my life and led us to the covenant of marriage. That was almost nine years ago! As I look back on our wedding day, I see two very different people and I can honestly say that I love him more now than I did on the day I married him. The process of becoming a harmoniously blended family is ongoing, so painful at times, but the beauty outshines the pain! Our adult children and their children are a huge part of that process and He’s used each of them to teach us many things about Himself, His plan for abundant life and the healing power of healthy relationships. I wouldn’t be the woman of faith I am today if it weren’t for each of them: My 29-year-old son; his beautiful wife, aka, my daughter-in-love,their two children, 8 and 5 — our first grandchildren; his/our 28-year-old son and his little 3-year-old boy and finally his/our 25-year-old daughter. We also have two 4-legged kids, our dogs Baraka-Evinda and Sparky.
Currently George and I are the guardians/parents for our three-year-old grandson, and if you would like to know how that has changed us from the inside out, please join me for Coffee Hour on my blog (just click on the blog page)

When I’m not playing with or chasing after our little three-year-old grandson and/or taking care of things at home, I’m either writing from my heart to yours, preparing for another workshop or speaking engagement, working part time as a freelance court reporter, going for a run or working out with a friend at the gym. I also enjoy scrap-booking, an awesome way to revisit the journey and a powerful way to leave your story; after all, pictures can say a thousand words!
Yes, life has and continues to be an adventure and I’m so grateful for all the people who share it with me!