Speaking & Book Signings

Come on in and pull up that other chair. I wanted to share my idea of a fun book signing. I’ve tried the traditional way: showing up to bookstores, sitting there, waiting, and waiting and waiting for someone to acknowledge I’m there, let alone check out the books He’s written through me. Well, that doesn’t work for me, so through divine inspiration, we came up with a different type of book signing that is super fun and much more personal: Girls’ Night Out or Girls’ Time Out for a daytime event. How does it work? I’m so glad you asked!


Do You Need A Speaker?

Three of a girl’s favorite things in life are fun fellowship, food, and shopping! We’ll plan all of that with a couple of vendors from our list of women-owned businesses, i.e., Product 31 ™, Scentsy/Grace Adele, Pampered Chef. You invite your friends and I will do the rest. This is such a great way to visit with those friends that we keep meaning to get together with but put it off! If this sounds like something you’d like to try, send me an email. Writin4u@evindalepins.com

Whether you have a small group or large, I’d love to come and share His sovereignty that has brought me through each of these issues you see in that trunk of junk, and more. My unpacking process has become sort of a transparent production that I long to use for His glory that it may encourage others toward the freedom of sharing, owning and letting go of their junk that they would have life and have it more abundantly on their way to Destination? Joyful! ™ You can download a speaker sheet with endorsements below.

Speaker Sheet Page 1
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