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Please, come in, make yourself comfortable and stay a while. Don’t you love the sound of the ocean? No matter what emotions I’m feeling, the sounds of the waves always soothes my soul, takes me out of myself and to that secret place where I am able to be completely free with all the words inside of me. Time seems to stand still whenever I come here and sit in my chair on the sand. The landscape before me always reminds me of our Creator’s sovereignty, of His love for you and me, of His power and the reality that He’s in control and has a plan, no matter what is going on in life.

Do you want to hear something crazy? I had no idea I wanted to write! As I share that with you, I can’t help but giggle at myself. See, I have spent much of my life running from myself and then through a series of long roads, miles of trials, He caused me to run right into myself. Now if you’re in any way visual, you can’t help but laugh with me as you envision a person running, running and then, Bam! She collides into herself. And why did I spend all those years running? Meet me over on the next page, and I’ll share that story with you.

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